David J. Lesher, M.D.

Oh my gosh. I never thought this day would come.

Honestly.  The light at the end of the tunnel was so dim, I couldn’t believe there was actually a light there . . .

Seven years ago (almost to the day) David told me he wanted to go to medical school.  On that very day, I thought I was going to DIE.  Seriously, hearing your husband say he wants to go to medical school is NOT music to your ears.  It’s more like fingers scraping down the chalkboard.

But  . . .

Here we are.  He is OFFICIAL.

He never would have made it through school without endless support from our families  (yours truly especially, but that goes without saying, right?) and lots and lots of discipline.

  • Three years of medical school prerequisites
  • Four years of medical school
  • 300 credits to earn his M.D.
  • Two children born
  • One dog died
  • Nine major moves
  • Lived in five different states and one foreign country to complete his medical education (Saba, Utah, Kansas, Louisiana, North Carolina, New York)
  • 72 weeks of medical rotations
  • Approximately 115  flights during the last four years.  (I’m not exactly sure how this last statement even adds up since David was not paid to go to school, but anyway . . .)

Medical School is a pricey thing, and I’m sure we’ll be spending the next 47 years paying it off, but it feels so good to be done!

To quote Elle Woods from Legally Blond, “WE DID IT!” 🙂

Congratulations Dr. Lesher!

11 thoughts on “David J. Lesher, M.D.”

  1. CONGRATS!! That’s awesome! You guys can be a ‘normal’ family now, without having to move 500 times (only by choice) or all those costs!!

    What kind of doctor is he or does he want to become? No clue how it works over there but here you have to do a couple of years extra at a clinic to become a pediatrician or whatever kind of doctor you want to be!!

    I hope you guys enjoy your time in Utah and will have a smooth transition wherever you end up!!

  2. Jessi,

    We are moving to Wichita this summer because that is where David will complete four MORE years of post graduate training. It is the same in the states as it is in Europe. David is going into Psychiatry.

  3. Congratulations!!! I didn’t know Wichita was a definite yet! You will only be 2 1/2 a way now. New adventures are heading your way and I can’t wait to follow them all on your blog!

  4. Yay for you guys! Its nice to know there is a light as the end of the tunnel–as my hubby is still doing his pre-requisites 🙂 Way to go!!

  5. Congrats. I used something similar to what you put at the bottom on Jonathan’s Grad announcement. It is amazing when you add everything up.

  6. Congratulations, Dr. and Mrs. Lesher. Boy, I’ll bet that is a bit strange to read. 🙂

    Hopefully we’ll see you soon when you move back here to the Midwest.

  7. Yahoooo! Congratulations. I am so proud of both of you. What a long, hard journey. You did it!

  8. congrats. i know what it’s like, a little. and i know how that is the most expensive piece of paper in your house (and mine). ridiculous huh?

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