We woke up to a cold, winter snow storm today.  I’m sure this would be totally normal if we lived in ALASKA.

It is May.  The end of May to be exact, and we are still experiencing winter.


Remember when I posted about why we may or may not end up in Utah after David finishes residency?

Yep.  This post confirms that post.

No park for us today.  🙁

4 thoughts on “Contradiction”

  1. Hmmm, we should find a way to share weather. That way your snow could be tempered by our blistering heat here, and we’d get a little cooler. Sound like a good idea?

    By the way, Hannah looks GORGEOUS in those pictures. Truly beautiful!

  2. I know every Utahan will curse me for saying this but I’d love to sit in a snow bank right about now! How did you handle the heat and humidity when you were pregnant in the Caribbean?

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