Last Night . . .

My husband graciously allowed me to photograph him for one of my assignments.

Can I tell you how happy I was to go out with this handsome guy on a photo shoot?

Can I also tell you how happy I was to nail the focus on his eyes, while the tip of his nose and the outer part of his brows are out of focus? Honestly, shallow depth of field can be so great (when the image calls for it) but it can be a huge pain in your side too when you upload your images only to find out the most important features (the eyes) are in soft focus while the tip of the nose is tack sharp.

That is not fun.

More from this shoot later!

Have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Last Night . . .”

  1. He looks great!

    We had family pictures taken, with my dad’s side, in St. George, last weekend. We just go them back today. They are about a step above Sear’s portrait studio. My dad insisted we do them in a studio, with a grat, mottled backdrop. Who does that anymore?!?

  2. You’re so lucky that your family participates so willingly in your photographs! And such attractive subjects too!

    Great job.


  3. Awesome awesome portrait! I agree–It is so frustrating when you think you’ve nailed the focus and you upload it only to realize you haven’t.

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