He Made the Cover!

OK, so the real story isn’t that exciting . . .

For one of my classes, the assignment was to shoot a “magazine cover” using a softbox.

Well . . .

I don’t exactly have a softbox . . . (it was optional for the class, I opted not to get it right away)

So I had to improvise using a diffusion panel, which works well, but it’s still not a softbox.

Anyway, this is the magazine cover I came up with:

Why did I pick to shoot a “golf magazine?”  It certainly isn’t my love for the game, or my natural ability at it either.


AH!  Did I just admit that?

Let’s see:

  • Wardrobe?  CHECK
  • Props:  CHECK
  • Hair and Makeup?  CHECK (more like a non factor for this shoot)
  • Model: CHECK

And so, the concept for my magazine was born.  🙂

I asked my father-in-law if he had any “golf” magazines I could look at (for research and ideas) and his jaw dropped to the floor and he replied, “Are you serious?”

Yes.  I guess it is that shocking that I would be asking to look at golf magazines.

Now for the set up shot:

I used two hot lights with beauty dishes to light the background (if your subject is lit and your background is not, a white background will turn a shade of gray which I certainly did not want) and one hot light with a beauty dish and a white diffusion panel in front of David.

Let me tell you, our garage is one poppin’ place around 11:00 PM on weekend nights.  🙂

5 thoughts on “He Made the Cover!”

  1. David looks great! Total Pro! That looks like a fun assignment, but very random eh? We have to get together again soon!

  2. Fantastic job Em…but I’m so with you on the golf thing…I think I’d be more interested in watching the grass on the greens grow than actually watching the game 🙂

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