Diffusing the Sun

Yay!  The weather is warming up and summer is on its way!  Lots of sunny days in the future!

This is great for playing, but not great for photographing.  Here’s a little tip when photographing on those bright sunny days: use a diffuser. Sometimes it’s not possible to move your subject into the shade, so this idea is great when you don’t want your subject to move, but you want nice diffused light.

You’ll need an assistant to hold the diffuser high above your subject’s head while you photograph.

The results are so fun, so try it!

Most reflector kits come with a white diffuser, and gold and silver reflectors.

Happy shooting!

2 thoughts on “Diffusing the Sun”

  1. Perfect! A friend of mine, who is a professional photographer too, gave me some advice for getting good head shots. The link for those diffusers are perfect!

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