How to Get Rid of Unwanted Food

David started a new rotation in Northern Utah last week.  The commute is a bit brutal, so he spends the week up in Ogden with his sister’s family and comes home to see us on the weekends.  We’re happy David is able to do rotations in Utah, but it’s hard to only see him on the weekends.

So . . .

I started shooting more snapshots of our everyday life so he doesn’t miss out too much on our adorable, sassy, children.  🙂

This is a lovely moment:

They are actually sharing the same snack, in the same space (on a step stool of all things)!

It is very sweet.

And now, Hannah has decided to teach Dallin the very fine art of feeding Paris food scraps on the sly . . .

Dallin is obviously taking good notes here.  Learning the art of how to feed your dog scraps is serious business.

When I “caught” them, I got these looks:

“WHAT?!  Don’t look at me!  I’m TOTALLY innocent!”

“What?  Me?  ARE YOU TALKING TO ME? I think I’ll just smile really cute and PLEAD THE FIFTH!”

It’s hard to re-enforce the rules with cute little faces like these!

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