Weekend With Some Besties

This last weekend David and I met up with some of our favorite peeps.

David and Brent (who lives in Ohio) were both invited back to Wichita, Kansas to take a second look at a residency program.

That last sentence can be interpreted the following way, “Hey, we like you guys and want you to pick our program.  We’ll pay travel expenses for you and your spouse, wine and dine you, and put you in a nice hotel.  Pick our program!”

We had a wonderful weekend.  Why?

1.  Because we spent a WHOLE weekend with some of our best friends WITHOUT ANY KIDS.

Really, do I need to say more than that?  Brent and Michelle drove down from Ohio, and picked us up on the way to Wichita at the airport in Kansas City.

2.  We stayed in a nice hotel and didn’t foot the bill.

3.  The men worked on some hair brained schemes, while Michelle and I worked on our chit chat skills.

Did I mention we had fun?

We also liked the program, (and we’re pretty sure they liked us) so we may just end up in the same city after all!  What’s better than getting a residency with your besties?

On a side note, every conversation I had this weekend went something like this:

New Person: So . . . where are you from?

Me: I’m from Utah

New Person: So . . . are you Mormon?  (Said with curiosity.  Am I intriguing?  I’m Mormon so I guess the answer to that is YES.)

Me: Yes. Yes I am.

New Person: Do you know so-and-so (insert name of the only other Utah Mormon they have ever met.)

Me: No.  I’m sorry I don’t.  (But really, I’m like, HELLO!  THERE ARE MORE THAN 12 MILLION MEMBERS WORLDWIDE!  Lots of Mormons around!)

New Person: So . . . how long have you and David been married?

Me: It will be 13 years in July.  (I know, I don’t think I’m even old enough for that!)

New Person: (SHOCK!  DISBELIEF!) Gulp.  Did you get married when you were toddlers!?  (True story, more than FIVE count them FIVE people asked me if we got married as toddlers.)

Me: Almost!  (Wondering if I should tell them I got married at 19, and just turned 32 . . .)

And this conversation happened over, and over, and over.  😉

Needless to say, we had a great weekend.  When we returned, people asked us where we went and when I told them, “Wichita,” everyone responded, saying, “Is that in Kansas?”  Apparently, it’s not on the map . . . yet.

4 thoughts on “Weekend With Some Besties”

  1. Just for kicks next time try, “No, I am a Satanist……” what-the-heck

    We had a FABULOUS weekend!!! I am looking forward to the possiblity of being neighbors………

    Stephens Hot Cocoa ROCKS!!!!

  2. There are too many possibilities for answers to any/all of those questions! Practice – it could be fun!!! Glad you had a good weekend and prospects are good, although of course that means NOT good for us here… 🙁

    Funny story – coming from CT I was visiting my brother at BYU when I was around 15. He said people in UT didn’t even know CT was a state! I really couldn’t believe him, until we were having the conversation in line at the bookstore and the blonde (yes, and this was the 80’s so there were “claw bangs” involved) behind the counter said, no lie, “It is???” I couldn’t stop laughing! And then, of course, there were the ones who, after finding out we were Mormons from the east coast, would ask if we knew (insert name of any member they ever met from east of the Mississippi). Sometimes we’d do the, “Is he tall? Brown hair? Nice looking? Nope. Never heard of him.” routine…


    I definitely think you should take it. Most definitely!!!! 🙂

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