Packer Pics

This is my sister Rachelle and her family.

Rachelle is wearing braces for the THIRD time.  (It was just so fun the first two times, she thought she’d try them again!)

This is Katie, and Hannah LOVES her to pieces.

This is Adam, and Dallin LOVES him to pieces.

And this is their new family picture on a  20×30 canvas float wrap, AND I LOVE IT TO PIECES!

Honestly, when it arrived, I was like, “WHY DON’T I ORDER ALL OF MY IMAGES IN THIS SIZE?”

Very cool I tell you.

3 thoughts on “Packer Pics”

  1. These are great. It’s so true. We ordered some prints before we left because we have nothing on the wall here and my one regret was that we didn’t do them all in 20X30. The bigger the better they look! Who printed the canvas for you? I heard Costco does canvas now and I was curious about the quality. I had some posters printed there and was very surprised by how nice they turned out.

  2. Cheryl is especially dissapointed that she didnt order that super seductive photo of me in an 20×30! Great work Emily!

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