Famous Neighbor

Our favorite next door neighbor (and fellow medical student) on Saba was a professional ballerina in her previous life.  (Previous life refers to any period of time BEFORE you started medical school.)

Now, she wasn’t just any professional ballerina.  Shannon danced with American Ballet Theater.  (Affectionately referred to as ABT.)  She has traveled all over the world dancing with ABT, and really is just amazing.

Her story is incredible.  She started dancing at the age of 14, and was hired by ABT when she was 18.  I’m just going to go ahead and do the math for you, THAT IS ONLY FOUR YEARS from the time she set foot in a ballet studio until she was dancing with the most prestigious ballet company in America. Dancing with the company at ABT with only four years experience is literally unheard of.  There is so much more to her inspiring story that I haven’t shared, that I would love to write about (because it is really, really amazing) but unfortunately, it’s not my story to tell. Her story is so inspirational, that after I saw the movie “The Blind Side” I thought of her.  Honestly, Hollywood needs to hear her life story and make a movie out of it.

I found this video clip of her practicing the Arabian Dance for the Nutcracker with The New Orleans Ballet Theater.  (Keep in mind that she no longer dances with ABT, and remember how she’s actually a doctor now?)

After watching this video, I’m sure you understand why I never attended any of the yoga classes she taught on Saba.  I’m pretty sure my lack of flexibility would have disqualified me from her class.  😉

Go Shannon!

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