The Magic Lotion For “Special Bumps”

Do you remember when I talked about the “special bumps” that Hannah I have on our arms?  The incurable Keratosis Pilaris stuff?

Well, turns out that there is something that CAN help.

Did you read that?  Something CAN HELP!

It’s an over-the-counter lotion found BEHIND the counter at the pharmacy.  It’s called AmLactin.

David discovered this miracle lotion while rotating at a dermatologist’s office this month.

Hannah and I started using it about two weeks ago and let me tell you . . . IT WORKS.

No more “special bumps” for us!

2 thoughts on “The Magic Lotion For “Special Bumps””

  1. Oh I soooooo love your beauty advice. I also suffer from that KP problem and can’t wait to go out and buy this. I am so going to do a dermatology rotation!

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