Santa Did Not Disappoint

New Dora bike?  Check.

New Dora helmet?  Check.

Backpack and Map on bike? Check.

Princess dress-up clothes?  Check.

New Tinkerbell pajamas?  Check.

A new wand (which she refers to as a “spelling wand”)?  Check.

A very excited little girl on Christmas morning?  CHECK!

I love my camera.  Have I mentioned that before?  🙂  The main reason we chose to buy the Nikon D90 over other models was the video feature.  My Canon point and shoot had a video feature and I did not want to give that up when we upgraded to the D90.

I used to take a lot of videos.  A lot.

I really should take more videos than I do now.  I hardly use the video feature on my camera because I’m so busy trying to “get the shot.”

However, this Christmas season I knew I would regret it if we didn’t catch some great moments on tape, so I made sure to hit “record” from time to time instead of just the shutter.

Here’s the thing, my camera records in high definition which sounds great, right?  That’s what I thought too when I bought it.  But . . . I’m not a video expert (not yet anyway) and I’ve yet to find a situation when high definition is better than just a regular old recording.

What I’m saying is, a minute video clip is like a 400 MB file which is entirely too large for its own good.  The problem?  David and I are not experts with video software, so sizing the videos down came with a lot of effort on our part (and when I say “our part” I’m referring 100% to David) downloading programs, watching tutorials, and attempting to edit in Adobe Premier.

Whatever.  Adobe Premier uses a language I don’t speak yet.

What I’m saying is . . .

David worked really hard editing these videos getting them the right size so I could give you a little glimpse of Christmas morning at our house.

You may remember what Hannah asked Santa for this year and the big guy delivered . . .

Just for fun, here are a couple of videos from our family Christmas party last week.

I should probably point out that Hannah LOVES ballet.  Do you remember the ballet class she observed last year?  Well, she still has never taken a lesson, but has already WORN OUT her first pair of ballet shoes.   This dance was choreographed by Hannah (she may have stolen some moves from her 11 year old cousin who danced right before her).

And . . .

Hannah LOVES to sing.  LOVES TO.

She has one volume.

She knows lots of songs.

If you ask her how many she knows, she’ll say, “TOO MANY!”  Which, is true.

What you don’t see in this video are the 30 people she singing to . . .

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

3 thoughts on “Santa Did Not Disappoint”

  1. So adorable!! She is such a cute little princess!!
    I havent used the video option on my camera yet, but I did get a tripod for xmas 🙂

  2. Very cute! That little missy of yours is adorable!

    About cameras… my son just asked if he could take one picture with mine. It’s a point-and-shoot so I wasn’t too worried, but then I heard him go outside. It’s really snowy and icy out there, and I went out to rescue my camera. Instead I dropped it on the stone front porch, and now it won’t close, open or anything. I’m so mad I could scream! But I won’t so as to save my children from the terror of Mom making that much noise when they didn’t even do anything wrong.


  3. Great Videos!!! We really miss you all and loved seeing Hannah in her videos. Also caught a glimpse of Dallin and he is getting along so well. I hope you keep posting videos!

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