Well Traveled

Dear Paris,

Just for the record, you are one spunky old lady.

Nine years ago, you entered this world with zest.

Nine years later, you’re still running, jumping, and stealing everyone’s food.


You’re quite well traveled for a dog.  (Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Wyoming, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, Indiana, The Four Corners, and The Caribbean, just in the last few years.)  In fact, if I didn’t know better, I would think you belonged to some spoiled kids that traveled anywhere and everywhere on a whim.  (But we know the truth . . . medical school did this to us.)

Everywhere we take you, heads turn and people ask lots of questions.  If it weren’t for you and Hannah and Dallin, I wouldn’t have any “conversations starters.”

Guess what?

The next adventure (meaning our next major move before our final major move in June) is in a few months.

We’re going to take you to all 50 states before you know it.

3 thoughts on “Well Traveled”

  1. You lead such an exciting life.

    Your photos are amazing. I need a class. I will trade you a hair-do for some teaching. Come and see me, and we will work out a trade.

  2. Oh my. Great picture!

    You know, there is big bucks in pet photography. Especially if you can stage them and think of creative props (just like that scarf!)

  3. Emily, you talk in this post about one more move before the big move in June. Where are you headed? How did the interview go for David? Give me the scoop.. Did you do any of the photography appointments that you had scheduled yet?

    Love the pics, can’t imagine getting Taz to sit for a picture. Steve got a really good one of him diving into the pool this summer. Awesome! It was really relaxing for me just watching him dive into the pool.

    Every Adobe product is so powerful and packed with many things to use it for they are probably way over kill for most people.

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