100,000 Mile Mark

Our car hit a major milestone.


Somewhere in Indianapolis, Indiana, our car hit the 100.000 mile mark.


100, 000 miles!  We bought this car five years ago brand new with seven miles on it.

We’ve been busy driving all over the USA and back again. Obviously.

After we move from Kansas City to Utah, David and our car will go on another adventure.  He will be driving from Utah to North Carolina (with a stop in Wyoming for a residency interview) in three days.

I’m pretty sure that by the time all his clinical rotations and interviews are over our car will have over 200,000 miles on it.

Just a guess.

3 thoughts on “100,000 Mile Mark”

  1. Holy mackeral. You’d think you drove that thing all the way to the Caribbean! Congrats (I think? lol) on 100,000.

  2. Emily, I only hope it isn’t a Buick, cuz after our Buick hit that milestone all heck broke loose and we finally sold the money pit.

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