New York Called. They Want Us Back.

Remember how much I LOVED living in upstate New York?

Well . . .

David got an interview for residency in Rochester!


We just might be heading back to Palmyra/Sodus Point/Fairport to live!

I might be a little excited about this particular interview.  🙂  (I’m also rooting for the residency in North Carolina as well . . .)

We’ll see what happens.  The most important thing is that he matches in the 2010 residency match.

I’ll be happy with which ever residency he gets offered.  I’m just saying I might be extra happy if he matched in Rochester.  🙂

4 thoughts on “New York Called. They Want Us Back.”

  1. How exciting! You’d love NC too. We were at ECU in Greenville. We have some friends doing residency at Chapel Hill. Which school are you looking at?

  2. I’m praying that he gets the residency that you all want the most but I’ll miss you and your beautiful family immensely.

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