The Very Sad, Sad, Story . . .

We’re moving.


We planned to stay in Kansas for all of David’s rotations, and then move when residency starts.

That is no longer the case.

Last week, as we were driving from New York back to Kansas, we got a phone call from a good friend (and fellow student) telling us that the Veterans hospital (where David did all of his rotations and had all of his elective rotations set up) will no longer rotate Saba medical students.  Some mumbo, jumbo about not being LCME certified.  Don’t ask me what that stands for, but it’s important.

The other hospitals in the area either don’t take foreign medical students, or they are booked until March or later of next year.  That does not help us in making the 2010 residency match.  David has to do rotations solid from November through May to graduate in time for residency.

We sorted through our options and have a plan.  In a nutshell, I have to pack.

UGH, I have to pack!  Do you know how much I hate packing for major moves?  You would think I love it with all the moves we make, but NO!  It’s right up there with giving birth to a 17 pound baby.  Yep, right up there.

Our plan is to stay in KC through most of October, find someone to lease our place (we have a contract, so we aren’t exactly going anywhere until someone leases this place), and head back to Utah.  David will be setting up his own rotations in Utah (we can only do a couple of months because there are specific rules about foreign medical students rotating longer than 8 weeks per year there) and then move on to the next adventure.

Oh yeah, did I mention David is studying for Step 2 right now?  Yep.  Add that to the list of things stressing us out.

I’m tired just thinking about all this.  I think I’ll take the day off and just take a nap.

Yeah, I think I should do that.

9 thoughts on “The Very Sad, Sad, Story . . .”

  1. Oh my goodness, what a mess! So sorry about all your adventures. So, you’ll be in Utah for 8 weeks, then will you be able to stay put somewhere else until next fall? I guess you aren’t guaranteed anything. Wow, good luck. I’m glad your kids aren’t in school yet! Give us a call once you’re back in town.

  2. Oh, boy! You are amazing! You are so supportive… hang in there! It will all turn out okay! And yes, take a nap!

  3. Yes. Take a nap. And while you’re at it, take one for me, k?

    So sorry this is such a mess. The only thing I can tell you, from painful past experience, is I truly believe everything happens for a reason, and perhaps sometime in either the near, or possibly very distant, future, you will have a wonderful “A-HA” moment and realize that you are in a wonderful place and life is very good!

    Until then, good luck, and can’t wait to see you and your adorable family again!

  4. dang. we just rented our place out or I’d offer it up to you. Do you know which hospital he’ll be doing his rotations at? I can help you find place if you need!

  5. My heart goes out to you. It is so hard to be in limbo and not know where you are going next especially with the studying for step 2 and all the other normal stresses in life. And packing is torturous!!! When we first got here after several packings and unpackings in the recent preceding months, I was talking about it to someone. Another person chimed in, “moving isn’t bad you just tell the movers what to pack and where to move stuff.” Wouldn’t that be nice? Wish I could send someone to pack for you. Hope your nap helped a little.

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