Beautiful Graveyard

This is the graveyard in Palmyra.


I have never in my life seen such a large graveyard.

Seriously, there must have been THOUSANDS of graves.


My lens could not capture more than a tiny corner at a time.  I’m not even sure a wide angle lens could capture the enormity of this graveyard.


It just seemed ironic that a town of 3,000 people could have so many deceased.


This was an odd head stone . . . I really liked it.  It was one of a kind.  I’m just going to say this, graveyards are creepy to me.

Yeah, I just said that.

But this one was BEAUTIFUL.  (You know that’s the only reason I photographed it, not because I have an affinity for graveyards!)


Can you image just having a letter on your headstone?  That’s almost as sad as having a number.


This is the grave of Alvin Smith.  He was Joseph’s Smith’s older brother who died when he was just 25.

This town has so much heritage.  I’m pretty sure when I head out West again, I’m not going to stumble upon graves with deceased dates in 1700’s.  Actually, I’m pretty sure the next time I enter a graveyard it will be because I’m at a funeral.  I don’t want to make a habit out of frequenting these places.

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