A Brief 10 Hour Reunion With Some of Our Favorite People

The halfway point along our route was Dayton, Ohio.  We were excited to stay with our good friends Brent and Michelle who we knew on Saba.

Michelle and I can both talk a lot.

Actually, I think Michelle can out-talk me.

That’s a fact.


This is Brent and Michelle’s street.


It was so humid in Dayton, you could see the humidity in the air.  🙂

It was a fun filled hang-out-and-chat fest during our 10 hour overnight stay.

Their kids are so cute,  exactly as I remember them.  Just a little taller.

This is Delainey.


She will be six next month.


When she was born, she came out talking.  (Or so I’ve been told.)

And now, I interrupt these images with Grant explaining all the rooms in their house.


He is very accurate . . .


He doesn’t want to miss counting any room . . .


I would now like to shift your attention to the front door.

This is Paris.

She is whining.

If you listen really hard, I bet you can hear her through your monitor.

She is THAT sad about being left inside.

We now return to more pictures of darling Delainey.


She has such rich brown eyes.


And a very happy smile.  Hannah sure loved playing with her toys.


When Hannah woke up in Delainey’s room, she exclaimed, “Mommy!  Look at all these girl toys!  Are they for me to play with!?”  Delainey has quite the collection of pink girl toys.


And now, we return to Grant.

Until tomorrow,


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