We’re the Only Family I Know That Can Make an Eight Hour Trip in 12 Hours.

We left Kansas City on Saturday with high hopes of making it to Dayton Ohio (to stay with our friends Brent and Michelle)  in eight hours.

Eight hours would be plenty of time for, lets say, someone traveling alone.  Someone without  kids or a dog.

We are the only family I know that can make an eight hour trip in 12 hours.  We’re really proud of that. (Please tell me you read that last sentence with much sarcasm.)

On Saturday, we left the house three hours later than we originally planned, but no biggie.  What’s three hours on an 18 hour trip?

Two hours into our journey, somewhere in Missouri, we passed a serious car accident within seconds of it happening.

Because I’m not super nice, it never, ever, crossed my mind, in the millisecond that we passed the accident, that we should stop and help.

Not once.  (Please don’t judge. :))

There were a few people there and I was positive that someone had called 911.


But, David is WAY nicer than I am and his instincts are just a bit quicker.

He pulled over, and jumped out of the car, ran across the freeway (which was not too scary as you can see by the picture, traffic was moving very slowly.) to assist until help came.

At first I was all, “How are we going to help?  Me, you, and the dog, with our chatty three-year-old, and bashful baby?  Not to mention our tiny car towing a U-Haul?”

Plus, we were just a tad behind schedule.

Anyone else following me?

It only took me an extra few seconds after David stopped to realize that he might be the only person who stopped to help that might actually know something.


I gave Dallin the i-Phone to play with (which made him grin from ear to ear), and stepped outside to snap a few pictures of the scene while Hannah cried her eyeballs out.  She was very sad David left so abruptly with no explanation given to her.

Turns out, the chick driving the truck, blew a tire.  Not knowing how to drive her car on three wheels, she rolled.

She was not wearing a seat belt.

We’ll never know the fate of this girl, but David was almost positive she had a neck injury.  She could not feel David touching her arm which is not usually a good sign.

The jaws of life came out to retrieve her, and we were on our way.


This is our car.

This is the necessary U-Haul transporting some of our stuff.

This car/U-Haul combo is a head turner.  Especially with two adults,and two kids and a dog in the back.

For one, most people are amazed that a car so small can tow a U-Haul that size.

Second, more people than I’d like to count, have asked if we were moving ALL OF OUR STUFF for six weeks.


These are the necessities!  Yes, we are renting a furnished apartment, but I learned a LONG TIME AGO (when we moved the the Caribbean), that “furnished apartment” to someone else is does not mean “furnished apartment” to you.  That said, I brought anything and everything I thought I might need.  I didn’t want any surprises, and I certainly didn’t want my children’s only toys to be Tupperware.

I’m completely justified with this trailer.

Someone, please back me up.

Tell me you too would have rented a trailer to move a bunch of stuff for six weeks.


8 thoughts on “We’re the Only Family I Know That Can Make an Eight Hour Trip in 12 Hours.”

  1. I totally get ya! I wouldnt want to be without certain things for sure! Wow what a trip! Glad you got there safe! Excited to hear about your next 6 weeks of fun adventure!

  2. Of course you need all your stuff. I would have probably needed a semi for six weeks.

    I have found your blog now and I love looking at it and your photography. Maybe we can talk family pictures in trade for a cute watch when you get back. I’ll explain later.

    Your primary class was excellent on Sunday. Daryl and I taught it and they were the cutest class I’ve ever been in. I love that age of children. They are adorable.

    Have a great time and I love upstate New York, what a fun place for you to be for six weeks.

    See you in 6


  3. No way. I’m the lightest packer in the world. Except for my books. But my husband got me an e-reader so I’ll go back to my original statement. I’m the lightest packer in the world.

    However, that being said, if I didn’t pack something I need, I have no compunction about going out and buying a replacement. So I think my husband wishes I WOULD overpack.

  4. I totally agree. Why buy something when you have a perfectly good one already? By all means, pack as much as you can! You should have seen my car when I rolled away for 6 weeks, and we weren’t even going to be deprived of the basic necessities. If I’d had a tow hitch, I’d probably have needed a U-Haul to get all the stuff back home that I brought, bought, and acquired while on our trip. As it was, our van was VERY, VERY full, and I had to leave some of it in Utah to make the trip another time. 🙁

    I miss you! Waaaaahhhhhhh!

  5. DUH! I didn’t even think twice about you renting a Uhaul. That would be a no-brainer. You at totally justified.
    Thanks for the few details clearing up your life. I can’t keep up. Our lives are so boring compared to yours (but sometimes that’s not a bad thing!) Can’t wait to hear about your new place. Sounds beautiful – especially if you get to experience a taste of fall.

  6. This brings back wonderful memories of my trip across the country when moving to UT…from CT. Me, 3 kids, 2 dogs, & a hamster. Yes, you read that right. The hamster cage was strapped on top of the dog crate. The 2 middle seats of the van were on the moving truck. Finding hotels that allowed dogs, especially a little AND a big one (many have limits on the size of the dog), was quite the experience. The hamster we never even mentioned.

    As for packing light or heavy, I think I packed a U-Haul’s worth just to go to Girl’s Camp for a week, winning me the “She packed like she was MOVING IN!” award.

    Enjoy NY! We miss you and your wonderful family here. Even though we knew we weren’t going to get to keep you…

  7. 100% in agreement with the trailer rental. We only brought suitcases here and were shocked at how unfurnished a furnished apartment was. I would love to have my own kitchen stuff and some decorations/photos, etc. I’m glad you made it safely. Sounds like the journey was an adventure.

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