Living in the Heartland

First, I’m going to point out the blaringly obvious.

I live in Kansas. The heartland of the USA.


Home to America’s farmers, Dorothy, and many tornadoes.

I live smack dab in the middle of the country.

I am equidistant to all oceans, New York and Los Angeles, and Mexico and Canada.


My town is very family oriented. It boasts having over 60 miles of walking trails, (in lush green space) free Botanical Gardens, free petting zoos, and lots of sports arenas. The city is somewhat artsy as well. Sculptures are everywhere. Going to Costco? Say hello to the life size vases out on the corner in the middle of an empty lot. Driving down Blue Valley Parkway? You’ll see a huge blue abstract sculpture in the middle of the intersection. Going to the bank? Say hello to the bronze giraffes as you drive into the parking lot.

This is what happens when farm land and suburbia collide:


We, suburbians, admire tractors on display.

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