Apparently, This is What We Do in Our House

I left Hannah alone in the basement watching “The 12 Dancing Princesses,” for one minute while I ran upstairs to get little Dallin boy out of his crib and what did I find when I returned?



Apparently, this is what we do in our house.


We rearrange photos,


line them up,


straighten them, (notice the collage wall in the background)


and look a them.  (The newly expanded collage wall.  Still adding more pics . . .)

5 thoughts on “Apparently, This is What We Do in Our House”

  1. For a second (and while only looking at the first pic), I thought little Hannah had managed to take down the pictures off the wall. LOL.

    It is amazing to see their little minds a work, isn’t it? She’s done a fantastic job!


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