No Longer Flying Under the Radar

It’s official.  I have been accepted into the blogging world.  After two years of blogging and over 225 posts, I have been tagged for the first time.  (I had no idea what that term meant for like a year.)

8 Favorite Books:

I have so many favorite books.  I’ll have to just pick a few.

Twilight Series (all four books)
Harry Potter series (all the books)
The Time Traveler’s wife
The Shopaholic Series
Good Night, Sleep Tight. (The Sleep Lady’s Gentle approach to get your kid to go to sleep, stay asleep, and wake up happy
Baby Proof (by Emily Giffin)
InStyle Getting Gorgeous (written  by the editors of InStyle)
Being Happy

    8 Things That Happened Yesterday:

    Yesterday is just so yesterday.  I’m petty sure I can’t recall eight things I did over 24 hours ago, so I’ll name eight things that happened today while my brain is still working:

    I showered
    I put on make-up
    I took my kids to The Festival of Trees
    Loaded the dishwasher
    Talked to my sister Jenn
    Edited photos
    Talked to Dave
    Changed EIGHT poopie diapers and cleaned up my dogs poop THREE times.

    8 Things to Look Forward to:

    My husband coming home after an eight week absence
    My husband coming home after an eight week absence
    My husband coming home after an eight week absence
    My husband coming home after an eight week absence
    My husband coming home after an eight week absence
    My husband coming home after an eight week absence
    My husband coming home after an eight week absence
    And some other stuff like: Dallin being 100% sleep trained, couples Christmas party, Family Christmas party, Christmas, Moving to Kansas, and a glorious reunion with my stuff in storage.

      8 Things on My Wish list:

      A Nikon D90 (with several different lenses)
      A MASSIVE computer monitor for photo editing.
      A powerful desktop computer (one where I can have several different programs running or applications open and it works lightning fast.  My laptop has four gigs of RAM, but I am so IMPATIENT. )
      A terabyte hard drive (What am I? Some kind of computer nerd?  My husband has brainwashed me!)
      A new SUV (not sure what kind yet)
      Invisalign, or veneers, or whatever it takes to get chicklet teeth. (Mary, you know I have teeth envy!)
      A trip to Saba.  (Yes my fellow Sabans, I want to go back for a visit!  But only during the winter months)

        8 Things I love About Winter:

        Actually, I hate winter.  Why do you think we moved away from Utah to Arizona, then to Texas, then to the Caribbean? Ewe, all the dry skin, chapped lips, and sickness that comes along with the cold weather.  This will be my first cold winter in seven years!  Let me think here . . .

        Stephens hot chocolate
        Carmel apple cider from Starbucks
        Snow on Christmas (but only on Christmas)
        Hmm . . . I’m still thinking . . .
        Wearing my cute winter mohair coats
        Wearing my sassy tall red leather boots (note to David, find them in storage and send them to me!)
        Um, yeah . . . I’m still thinking.  It certainly isn’t scraping ice off my car windows in sub-zero temperatures
        OK, I think that’s it

          8 people I tag:

          Good.  I’m done.  This tagging business is way too thought provoking.

          Melanie J (Write Stuff)
          Pam Nash
          Laura White
          Lacy Allphin
          Andrea Swenson
          Shannon Rolfe
          Sheri Jenkins
          Amber Bechtold

            Have fun ladies!  🙂

            5 thoughts on “No Longer Flying Under the Radar”

            1. ohh, i usually refuse tags BUT, i’ll do it only for you!! give me few days though, i’m going to have to think of some reasons that i like winter too.

              oh ya, allison, FREAK OF NATURE!! don’t know what family she came from. she eats candy and oreo’s all day, never works out, and has no fat!! can’t claim her as a true balmforth.

              are you going to be in utah for the holidays?

            2. Great tag!! I am not so good at tagging. I have 3 to catch up. This makes 4 so we will see if I get to it. Thanks for thinking of me though. I am with you on the winter thing, and the trip back to Saba.

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