I’d Like to Make a Point

There are a lot of pictures in this post. If pictures of my darling child aren’t your thing, then STOP LOOKING and save yourself some time. If they are your thing, then you just hit the jackpot.

This weekend (which was Memorial Day) we went to the Gateway Mall in SLC, along with EVERY OTHER FAMILY IN UTAH.

This is the jumping fountain. Hannah was not sure about it at all. And truthfully, sometimes it startled me.

We took Hannah to the Discovery Museum. Hannah was overwhelmed with the thousands of toys to play with, and the 10,000 kids that decided to attend the museum ON THE SAME DAY. One of the rooms had a bunch of balls to throw down pipes, and when Hannah saw all the out of control squealing kids, SHE FROZE. What do you do when you see so many kids? How do you play with so many balls? How do you fight your way into the crowd and play?

You don’t.

Hannah did what any other overstimulated, clean, organized child would do. SHE PICKED UP ALL THE BALLS AND PUT THEM BACK IN THE BOX. JUST LIKE THE EMPLOYEES. EXCEPT SHE WASN’T PAID.

Good girl Hannah. You know how much I LOVE and ADMIRE your very clean, organized side. 🙂

On the roof of the building was a helicopter.

Hannah LOVES helicopters. In fact, she talks about them almost daily, when she talks about airplanes.

She couldn’t stop pointing. When you look at these photos, keep in mind the ONLY attraction around her is the helicopter.


She is pointing here too . . .

and she is still pointing . . .

Have you seen how cool that thing is?

Hannah made a new friend, and she very thoughtfully pointed out the helicopter to this lady. BECAUSE SHE MAY NOT HAVE NOTICED THE VERY LARGE AIRCRAFT WITH HER OWN EYES.

Next time, we’ll save the money and not go the museum, but take her down to a municipal airport where she can see all the planes and helicopters she wants. FOR FREE.

3 thoughts on “I’d Like to Make a Point”

  1. I loved seeing Hannah, she is beautiful, I’m happy I can see how she’s growing, also her baby brother, miss you guys from Saba

  2. Clover! How fun to get a comment from you! Just the other day, Hannah was playing with the puzzles you gave her and she looked at me and said, “Clober?” I said, “Yes, honey. Do you want to go see her?” She replied with a loud “YES!” and then I told her to go get her shoes on so we could go see you at El Momo. She then got her shoes . . . 🙂 She certainly still remembers you!

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