Goodbye Saba

The time has finally come to leave this island of paradise. Our internet will be turned off shortly, and I will have no communication with the outside world until I land in Dallas. Which will be about midnight, and I will be exhausted from traveling ALL DAY with a toddler, pregnant belly, two dogs, lots of luggage, and an adorable husband. Poor Dave, he is going to have to carry everything because pregnant women are strictly advised NOT TO CARRY/LIFT anything over 40 pounds . . . and I ALWAYS try to follow the rules if it means getting out of manual labor . . .

While we have throughly loved our time on Saba, we are ready to start the next chapter of our lives. We look forward to seeing so many of our friends and family in the upcoming weeks.

David took some great pictures of the moon the other night. The lights you see off in the distance are on the islands of Statia, and St. Kitts. I think this is a great way to sign off . . .

Good night moon . . .

Good night stars, good night air. Good night noises everywhere.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye Saba”

  1. Safe travels! I must also say that I feel for David for having to handle everything. Good luck!

    P.S.: Those are some great photos. Good job.

  2. I totally understand how you feel! I remember when we left Louisiana, I was really happy…but at the same time, I was totally sad too! Good luck with everything! We’re excited to eventually have you back in Utah! 🙂 Hummm…going from the Caribbean to Utah…that’s quite the change!

  3. How great to be home. I remember that feeling, and now after 2 years I want to go back. Anyways, I am glad all is well. If you are planning KC please let me know. We live in this great afordablehousing(free) full of Mormons.

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