The Best Candy in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD

Lydia is so dang thoughty. You see, while she was in Los Angeles last month, she came across my favorite candy in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD, and I am not exaggerating. I discovered this particular candy, Hi-chew (aptly named for being really chewy) in Taiwan. You can find it all over China, because it is a candy made in China; not a Chinese candy. It’s kind of like how our kids favorite toys are not “Chinese toys”, they are just made in China. Trust me, I have been subjected to all kinds of NASTY food in China, and I can honestly say, Chinese people (real ones, the ones that live in China, not the Americanized ones) do NOT like this candy. This is an American candy. The kind that will rot your teeth right out.

David loves this candy as much as I do, and his only request when I would return home from Asia: Hi-chew. On one business trip, several of us (from our previous business) were being driven to the Taiwan airport, and we were running late. However, I knew I certainly could not show my face to David without bringing home a Texas sized supply of Hi-chew! I distinctly remember asking the driver of our car to PULL OVER! When I spotted a store that sold this wonderful candy. We basically raided the store (I can’t really call it a gas station, it certainly wasn’t a grocery store, but it was a store that carried HI-CHEW, and LOTS of it!) We literally dumped entire boxes of HI-CHEW into our bags, and depleted the store of it’s entire stock. The cashier watched us very closely, waiting to see if we were going to rob the store too. When purchasing my stash of HI-CHEW, the cashier asked me, “You like?” Um, obviously “I like”. I asked him if he liked the candy. “No, No. I NO LIKE“. Great, this confirms that HI-CHEW isn’t a nasty Chinese candy, but a fantastic American Candy!

Ahem . . .it has been brought to my attention that this mouth watering candy can be found in highly populated areas of the United States. And by highly populated, I mean big cities, with diversity, you know, like lots of cultures and lots of people in those cultures; enough people to make an entire town, like “China Town”. So, if you find yourself in such a city and are wondering what to buy in a town like “China Town”, search every store high and low for the best candy in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. It is TOTALLY worth it.


It comes in many flavors. Thanks Lydia!!!


Fruit-tella is a poor imitation of HI-CHEW, but it will give you an idea of what HI-CHEW is like.

6 thoughts on “The Best Candy in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD”

  1. Heck yes, I’m thoughty! Seriously, I’m glad that y’all liked it… I mean LOVED the Hi-Chew! Too bad the Daniel method of forced rationing didn’t have time to be implemented!! Maybe next time??

  2. I have tried these before. They are so delicious. My favorites are the Strawberry ones. For me, the Peach tasted like rubber. You can buy them online on Amazon, although they are pricey on there. If you have a H-Mart near you, you can purchase them there. Good luck!

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