Utah, I’m Outta Here

It’s a good thing I didn’t fly out on Friday like I was scheduled to. I would have missed the 97 cents sale at Old Navy! Hello! 97 cents? Yes! The whole store was on sale! Living on Saba, I have become so practical. I only bought exactly what I was looking for: shirts in white, brown, and black. Oh, and a very cute belt. I know, very boring. My total was only $14 for four shirts and a belt (which was a whopping $10). Now that is a steal!

I rescheduled my flight to Dallas from Friday to Monday. There was a little mix up with my friends as to when I would be arriving and Lydia is out of town! That just leaves Daniel at home . . . and well, as much as Daniel is like brother to me . . . it would still be awkward all around. My parents are happy to have me for three more days, and I am happy to get a few more things done here before I head off.

Shopping has taken on a life of its own. Imagine that you haven’t been shopping in almost a year and now you have to shop for anything you might need for the next year! It is a little crazy and overwhelming. Part of me doesn’t care to buy the things listed on my “to buy list” (things like sunglasses, shirts, Tigi Control Freak, tweezers, clothes and shoes for Hannah, baby back pack carrier, BBW coconut lotion, sprout seeds, Stephens Hot Chocolate to take home, etc), but the sane part of me knows that I will HATE myself if I don’t get the things on my list. It is frustrating to not have these items at my disposal on Saba. It is so simple there. Sometimes, you just learn to do without. However, I can’t do without my Tweezerman Tweezers, and the two pair I have on Saba are jacked up. So, that was non-negotiable!

I will miss the simple pleasures of the States. You know, like FANTASTIC deals at Old Navy, going to the movies, finding everything you need at Walmart or Target, and going to the grocery store at midnight. My mom was complaining that milk went up in price this week from $1.69 a gallon to $3.oo a gallon. I sort of tuned her out when I realized the “expensive price” of milk was three times LESS than I pay for a gallon. Yes people, I shell out $12.oo for a gallon of milk! I also pay $5.00 a gallon for gas! I will certainly miss the grocery prices and the convenience the states has to offer. However, I am anxious to get back to Saba so I can take a vacation! The lifestyle here is so fast paced, and I want to do as many things and see as many people as possible, it has not felt like a vacation. Except for the time I have carved out to read eight novels and one self-help book . . . I will miss not having caretakers around so I can read whenever I want!

It is interesting to see the United States through Hannah’s eyes and her smile. A lot of “firsts”have happened on this trip:

  • Hannah’s first ride in a Porsche.
  • My first time driving a Porsche.
  • Hannah seeing ceiling fans. They are very interesting you know.
  • Hannah watching the garage door open and close. Sort of scary!
  • Taking a bath in a tub. Poor little thing has to take a bath in a portable bath on my patio, for all the world to see!
  • Music in the car. Hannah was quite surprised to hear it when riding in her carseat. She was looking around to see where the music was coming from. She loves to dance in her seat!
  • Hannah was weighed on a real scale that computes to pounds not kilos. She is 24 pounds.
  • She got a stroller ride on a FLAT surface.
  • Hannah not only ate fries at McDonald’s, she got to play on the play set!
  • The park was especially designed for small kids. She was safe!
  • The park was also ONE level, no crazy hills, slants or fire ants!
  • My parents big screen TV is like a movie screen to her. Hello big screen Tele Tubbies! (SICK!)
  • Hannah saw snow.
  • Hannah got her first haircut.
  • Hannah went to her first funeral.  (Uncle Dee died)  She was very happy and said “HI!” to everyone!

I am sure there are many more firsts, but you get the point that she is pretty sheltered on Saba. I will miss listening to the radio, and tuning into country! There are no radio stations to tune into on Saba . . . Yes, we are very remote out there!

I have enjoyed seeing my friends: Katie T., Katie C., Sheri V., Sheri J., Beth (who had a baby six weeks ago and is now two pounds again) Teri, Kerri, and many others! I will miss you guys!

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  1. I am so sorry that we didn’t get to see you too! Life has been nothing short of crazy these past several months! I am sure Dave is missing you guys SO much!

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