Edward or Jacob?

I am fully aware that I live on a tiny five square mile island. We don’t have a book store, or anything like unto it. Unless you count the Medical School Library, but seriously, when have you ever picked up a Medical textbook for recreational reading? Ya, me neither. I have been “dying” for a good read. I decided to pick up the “Twilight” series at the airport (it was the first chance I had to get to a book store) and I LOVED it! I couldn’t read it fast enough! I was flipping though the pages with no need for food, water, or sleep. How is it possible that this book has been out for two years and I am now just reading it?

I have read all three books and am anxiously awaiting the release of the fourth book. My question is this; those of you who have read this book prior to September 2007, why have you not recommended this book to me? This was such a great find! To those of you who have not read this series, READ IT. Actually, stop what you are doing right now and drive to the closest Walmart (which is open 24 hours so there is no excuse) and BUY IT. READ IT. LOVE IT. Then, email me so we can talk about who you are in love with (besides your spouse!). Team Edward or team Jacob? Everyone is torn. I know! So hard to choose, but I think I am secretly in love with Edward. Don’t worry Dave, he is fictional. He only exists in this book. It’s a safe crush. Plus, he is already taken.

What other good reads am I missing out on? I am in the states now, where I have access to picking up a few books. Speak now or forever hold your peace! Don’t hold out me! All you closet “Twilight” lovers, speak up!

5 thoughts on “Edward or Jacob?”

  1. These are the BEST books ever. My heart belongs to Blake but my neck belongs to Edward. I’m so glad that you are enjoying them.

    If you want some good books to read you can check out my list. I have it on my side bar of my blog. It is goodreads. You can see what I have read, what I’m reading now, and what I want to read. Happy reading!!

  2. Really Em? I thought these were young adult/teen books?

    I hope you’re having a great time in the US. I certainly do miss Saba’s simple ways. Not much is required on Saba, is it? I don’t know that even if you write and write about it, if people can get the full experience. LOL.

    Miss you and the little beauty.

    R/ xox

  3. Sometimes it seems like we just left Texas, then I think about all that has happened since then and it seems like forever. It was fun to find your blog and catch up.
    I just found Twilight a few months ago, such good reading, Shannon Hale books are good too, “The Goose Girl is my Favorite,” the new “Austenland” is a funny plot. “Can You Keep a Secret” by Sophie Kinsella is an all time favorite. I’m on Good Reads too, let’s be friends.

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