Dear Hannah, Newsletter #3

Dear Hannah,

You are now eight and a half months old. Your dad and I are amazed everyday at how quickly you are growing and developing. The time has just flown by for both of us. At this rate you will be 18 and out of the house in no time! That thought makes me really sad . . . 18 years just doesn’t seem like enough time to teach you everything you need to know.

You hit two major milestones this month. First, you got your first tooth! It is still growing. It looks more like an eighth of a tooth right now, but you and I are SO PROUD of it! I decided you should “try it out”, so I gave you a little taste of tapioca pudding. This was exciting to me for two reasons: First, I was anxious to put your new tooth to use. Second, I love tapioca pudding and your dad hates it. I’m pretty sure the skin on your Dad’s face would melt right off if he saw you eating it. It was nice to share a treat that I love with you. You also tried to feed yourself some Graduates (Gerbers answer to Cheerios). If only your entire fist fit into your mouth, then you would actually taste them!

Second, you learned to crawl! As I was slaving away at the sink (like I always am) doing the dishes last Saturday night, I turned around and to my amazement you moved one knee in front of the other! I then had to step outside and scream to your Dad (who was talking to a neighbor) in my bloody murder voice, “David, Hannah’s crawling!” Your dad came running inside to see your much awaited trick. You are so dang cute! Since Saturday, you have discovered every nook and cranny in the house. On Monday, I turned away for a minute and you literally disappeared. Knowing that you couldn’t be far, I saw one tiny little foot sticking out from under the bed. As I lifted up the bed covers that touched the floor, I saw a happy smiling face among all the dirt under the bed. I am more neurotic than ever about vacuuming the floor; you find dirt where dirt doesn’t exist. Maybe I should chuck the vacuum and let you crawl around, giving the floor a good “once over” every morning. You do a much better job!

We let you ride on Paris. You loved it, Paris hated it. We filmed it so you can see how we tormented Kyaha and Paris when you get older. Paris was such a good sport. You squealed and laughed as you sat on top of the crazy stinker dog. You had to pull her ears, of course, it is your trademark move. That was your way of telling her you were on her, not another one of the siblings you don’t have yet.

You have developed some favorites. You love your Winnie the Pooh Bear so much, he has become your lovey. You especially LOVE that he has tags. You stroke Pooh’s tags until you fall asleep. Really, I think you would love any toy in your bed that has tags. You love to flip pages in books. Any and every book you can get your tiny little death grip fingers on. You flip the pages of children’s books to your Dad’s Medical School books. Your favorite book is “Peek a Boo!” I think you like it because I let you turn every page, every page says the same thing, and every page has a flip out. That means that every page gets double flipped! But who’s counting, you certainly can’t yet.

You and I go swimming everyday. You seriously love it! You have the cutest farmers tan; it kind of looks like mine, only mine isn’t cute. You still have fat rolls (which everyone gushes over) which look like rubber bands are tied all over your arms and legs. This is where your farmers tan is especially cute. You are white as can be in the fat crevices. Too cute!

There are some things that are unfortunately a part of your life. You have inherited my twin brother Brian’s terrible cowlicks. Notice how I said cowlicks, as in plural. Yikes! You have also inherited my crazy aversion to sticky textures. I hope you don’t end up washing your hands 100 times a day like me, although you probably will since you will do as I do not as I say. You don’t like sticky things like suckers on your hands. I completely understand . . . it’s nasty feeling!

On a happier note, you really love what ever I’m making because you start to hyperventilate when you can see you are about to nurse. You would almost think I made chocolate milk, not just the regular old boring stuff.

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