Yes, He Said These

David, my handsome husband, is quite proud of the fact that he can speak “woman” fluently. I do admit he is almost fluent. Every so often he will speak “man” intermittently with me. I thought I would share some of his comments that probably could have been worded a little differently.

“You are lactating, and nursing women have a higher metabolic rate. Therefore, your body is producing more heat right now than when you are not nursing. Also, you are carrying more weight which insulates your body making you hot.”

-David trying to explain why I am so hot all the time

“I think you are a better mother than you are a wife”

-David sincerely complimenting me on being a mother

“I think I will take down your ‘Musings’ page on the website. You haven’t posted anything in a while”

David trying to motivate me to write more often

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