Mom Needs the News, Dad Needs to Snooze!

It actually happened…my parents came to visit us on Saba! David, Hannah and I waited patiently at the airport for over an hour for their flight to come. We waited with “baited breath and whispering humbleness” as my Dad would say. Mom was the first one off the tiny plane, Dad followed after several other people deplaned. I wondered why they weren’t sitting next to each other. After all, the landing is almost like a death wish, so I thought they would want to be next to each other if the plane didn’t make it. Dad later explained that he and my mom were sitting next to each other, but the pilot asked him to move up to the front to balance out the plane. Apparently his weight was needed in another area of the plane! Ha Ha! I shouldn’t laugh, but I am because Dad was laughing!

Plaid on PlaidSaba is a wonderful place to relax and visit. That is just what we did. Mom and Dad both enjoyed watching the sunrise every morning. We drank hot chocolate and sat on our patio that overlooks five different countries with our morning breath and bed head. Pa even showcased his style when he wore his blue plaid lounge pants and a blue plaid shirt. The plaids of course didn’t match, so I had to take a photo just for my sister Charmain. She constantly teases my Dad about wearing plaid on plaid. Interestingly enough, you can do that on Saba and no one thinks twice about what you are wearing.

I was “tour guide Barbie” for the parents. They saw ALL five square miles of Saba. It took us three hours to travel from one end of the island to the other and back. Of course, we stopped several places along the way. When we finally returned home after our three hour jaunt, both Mom and Dad said, “I can’t believe this island is only five square miles. Are you sure they measured correctly? Maybe the footprint is five miles, but it is five miles up and down too!”

In Front of the Cashew TreeWe saw several different places: The Bottom, the Medical School, Fort Bay, the gas station, the hospital, St. Johns, Windwardside, The Level, Booby Hill, the soccer field, grocery stores, the cemetery, “the property” (on Booby Hill), Hells Gate, Cove Bay, and the airport. Mom and Dad were fascinated by a cashew tree. We took some photos of it. After seeing the island, we had a lot of time to talk and hang out. During this time, I learned a couple of things about my parents….

First off, Hannah is a baby. She needs LOTS of sleep. In fact, sleeping is one of her favorite things to do. She will go right down for a nap without a fuss. She looks forward to her naps. Dad was starting to feel that Hannah’s naps were getting in the way with their bonding time. He sometimes would complain that Hannah was always going down for a nap. This is the funny part…Dad is the nap king. He was always taking a nap! He would need a nap to wake up from his nap! I wasn’t really sure how Hannah’s naps were cramping his style, maybe it was all the napping he was doing that was cramping his own style!

Second, Mom is in love with the news! I really had no idea that anyone could be so glued to the news, CNN of all networks! She had to turn it on whenever she had a chance. I thought maybe since she was on vacation on “Planet Saba”, the news would feel a world away from her and she would have no desire to watch it. Not so! While enjoying CNN at our house, she decided that she needed to upgrade her cable at home so she could watch CNN everyday! I told her CNN stands for “Constant Negative News”. She didn’t buy it. What did I learn about my parents from this visit? Mom needs the news, and Dad needs to snooze!

Saba MorningHannah was very excited everyday to have four adult admirers in her house. She smiled, talked, and laughed all week long. One night, my parents asked me if Hannah ever cried. I of course laughed and said YES! My Mom proceeded to tell me Hannah had not cried once all week. “Not once!” She kept saying. I am so glad Hannah was a perfect angel for them . . . but just for the record, she can really belt out a cry that will make you wish she would never cry again!

It was so wonderful to have my parents here. Now they know where I live, they have been here. I no longer live in some imaginary place in their minds. It was fun to show them the island I have learned to call home. They were really impressed with the island and the people. They had a wonderful time. We hope they come back!

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