Taste of Reality

Hannah and I just returned home after a much needed vacation to Utah. It must sound crazy that I needed a vacation from “my vacation” here in the Caribbean. I really needed a break from the heat and it was nice to see snow! We spent three weeks in Utah, three days in Temecula, California, and two nights in Fort Worth, Texas. Hannah has now flown 13 times in her short four months of life! We were fortunate enough to fly first class all the way from Sint Maarten to Salt Lake City. Hannah even scored her own seat in first class on the leg from Dallas to Salt Lake!

What a relief it was to travel with such an easy baby. People asked me if she ever cried! Of course, I know she has lungs…but I sure was glad she didn’t show them off to everyone. The last thing I wanted was stares from the other passengers in first class….the stare of “I paid a lot of money for this seat and you might have a screaming kid?” I enjoyed seeing the person’s face when they realized they were sitting next to me and I had a 3 month old on my lap. The look was, “Oh my gosh, I have to sit next to you? Do they allow babies up front?” accompanied with a half grin half smirk on their face. What a pleasant surprise for all of us that Hannah never cried. She smiled, talked, slept, and stared down the person in the seat next to us.

Flying first class is something I have come accustomed to. I have never flown coach overseas, ever. Even when flying to China I didn’t sit in coach. I think it’s a slow death wish, especially to someone as tall as me. Those little Asians fit just fine in smaller seats. I don’t splurge very often, or demand a lot of things to make my life comfortable, (trust me, I live in a country where I can’t flush the toilet unless it is brown) but when I fly I am quite particular. There is just something special about that warmed up wash cloth that is handed to you with tongs. It just seems like such a luxury in the air. How silly really. I could warm up a wash cloth in the microwave at home, but it just doesn’t seem the same. It’s like when you and your mom make the same sandwich, but hers tastes better because she made it. There is something nice about having a nice meal and an oversize chair especially when you are traveling alone with an infant.

It was wonderful to see my family. I haven’t seen them for 14 months (who’s counting anyway? Mom?). My parents are in LOVE with Hannah, and why wouldn’t they be? She is a DOLL! What can I say? She was on back order in Heaven for almost nine years! She loves to smile and talk. She will talk to anyone and she hands out her smiles freely. We all wonder if her cheeks hurt from smiling all the time! She listens very intently, it seems as though she understands every word you are saying. That is a scary thought, I better watch what I say!

While we were in Utah, Hannah discovered some things about herself. She learned that If you concentrate really hard, your hands might be able to grab things. If you want someone’s attention, all you have to do is reach up and grab their face and they will look at you! And baby talk is all you have to do to steal the lime light away from your other cousins.

I was overly excited to go shopping in the states. I had quite the list made up of things I needed to buy while I was there. I have been deprived of shopping on this little five square mile island. Really, the only things to buy here are groceries. I went shopping almost everyday for almost three weeks. I can honestly say that I am burnt out and I won’t need to shop for another year! Yikes! I didn’t think that was possible! Shopping began to feel like a chore, and then like my full time job. I actually got sick of it. I know, impossible but true.

I have been back on Saba for a week now. I have to admit that I wasn’t ready to return. I didn’t realize how big of a break I needed from this island until I left. I felt a little culture shock when I came home. I had to adjust back to Saba life. No more flushing the toilet every time I use the bathroom, no more dishwasher, and back to watching the weather to determine whether I can do laundry because if it’s going to rain I can’t hang my clothing to dry. It was extremely hot and humid as well, I actually got used to the 30 degree weather in Utah.

So here we are, waiting for David to get out of school next week so we can enjoy this Christmas season island style as a family. Just try to imagine us hanging out on our patio that overlooks six other islands while you freeze wherever you are. I know, life isn’t fair.

2 thoughts on “Taste of Reality”

  1. Emily –

    I am glad you were able to enjoy your time in the states. I’m sorry we missed you in the Fort Worth area.

    Hannah is beautiful! and you are quite blessed to enjoy traveling with her. I am traveling Saturday with my four on my own! It is my little sacrifice to get to Massachusetts early and spend as long as possible there for the holidays.

    I popped onto your site to get your address for a Christmas card! As I was reading your entry I was reminded of a not so sweet experience in coach. I was pregnant with Lauren and Emma was sitting on my lap in coach. Jimmy and I had boarded on stand-by to get an earlier flight. Emma wanted her daddy… so, I stretched my legs and went to find Jimmy on the flight! Well, I couldn’t find him. I tried one other time and as we were preparing to land I realized that he had sat in First Class while I, pregnant and with another child, had sat in coach! Yes, definitely an oversight in being kind to your spouse… he still hears about it every once in a while!

    I hope you are doing well and loving the tropical weather. I am dreaming of a white christmas myself and I hope MA delivers.


  2. Hello Emily,

    It was so nice reading your Taste of Reality. I know that Hannah must be growing so fast. It was great that you were able to make it home for vacation to Utah, and visit family, and also Ft. Worth. I too am sorry we didn’t get to hook up. I do get to visit each Sunday with your sister and we talk about you from time to time. Just wanted to say hello and say what a nice entry you have here more like having a Journal. I wish I could say that traveling with a baby was wonderful, as yours as I traveled with Jylyan when she was a baby and she was such a fussy baby, and did a lot of crying. you were surely Blessed in this journey back home for the Holiday I do think that Heavenly Father wanted it to be just as wonderful for all of you and not to have any worries. You still have a long way yet to go there on this Beautiful Island. Some times we have to give up things to enjoy other things. Will be looking forward to more entries from you.

    Love you
    Sister Goodspeed

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