Published in Utah Valley Bride Magazine!

I am so excited that Utah Valley Bride magazine picked up some of my images to publish in their magazine!  Utah Valley Bride Magazine is available on news stands now, and you can view it on their website.   The image below shows my ad in the magazine.  Featured in the ad are Kari Ann and Jared and their beautiful bridal session at Thanksgiving Point Garden, and Christina and Christopher and their engagement session and bridal session out at Daybreak.

The magazine interviewed me for some photography tips as well.  To read my responses, you’ll have to pick up the magazine or read it online!  To see these images bigger and better, please check out my Utah Photography Blog.

Secrets to Photographing Kids

The silent activity on my blog is a result of being busier than normal.

I have so much to share.  I’m not sure where to begin . . .

Until I collect my thoughts, and organize my images, how about if I share two recent shoots of my kids?  You can also check out some of my recent shoots: the Salt Flats, new head shots, and some cool composite imagery over on my photo blog.

I rarely photograph my kids.  Well, I take that back.  I photograph them all the time on the iPhone, so that counts, right?  What I meant to say is that I rarely have an actual “photo session” with my kids.

These are two different sessions.  I photographed Hannah during the peak of the fall leaves, and then I photographed Dallin two weeks later. (I absolutely needed an assistant to photograph him, so it was a matter of coordinating with David on a warmish afternoon.)  Dallin’s session lasted about seven minutes.  Hannah on the other hand, let me work with her in two different locations for about 45 minutes.

I have a few secrets to share when it comes to photographing kids . . .

Secret #1 when photographing kids:  tell lame knock knock jokes.  The more they don’t make sense, the better.  (I told a silly knock knock joke to Hannah which allowed me to capture this expression.)

Secret #2: Play Simon Says or Follow the Leader.  Make it a game and they will play with you and give you darling expressions!

Secret #3:  Tell them to perform.  (I told Hannah to perform for all the passing cars and pedestrians.  She played a killer version of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star  Look at her stance!  She acts like she’s been playing for years!)

Secret #4: Role Play.  Kids LOVE to role play!  Tell them what is happening in the invisible world and they will get into character!

Hannah is in a Book!

About six months ago, Hannah took a job modeling for a craft book and it’s finally out!  I can’t wait to get it!

Here she is on the table of contents under the “April” heading:

And look!  She’s also on the back cover!  (She’s holding the rainbow fan.)

I’m excited to see what other pictures they used of her, and I know she can’t wait to make everything in this book!  (Have I mentioned she does art like eight hours a day around here?)

This book is called “Make and Takes for Kids” and you can buy it at every major book seller, and Amazon.

Composite Photography

I recently learned how to make composite imagery in my Photoshop class at AAU.  I have been having WAY too much fun with it!  You could have a twin, a triplet, you name it!  With the help of my camera and Photoshop CS5, I can create almost anything my mind can think of!  My only limitation is my knowledge in Photoshop, but I’m getting there!  My mind has been going a mile a minute since I learned this technique.  (Too see these images bigger and better, check them out on my photo blog.)

My next big plan for composite photography is to create a really great family portrait of MY FAMILY!  I never photograph us anymore!  It’s crazy to do family self portraits, and little people make it really tricky.  Now, I can photograph each of us individually, and MAKE a great family portrait!  Can’t wait to get a 30×40 of my new family portrait which has yet to be created!

Goodbye Mid-Day Nap. You Were Good to Me!

PMS and head colds are not a great combination.  Unfortunately, I had both this week.  After a particularly taxing parenting day on Tuesday, Hannah said to me, “Mom, you should take a day off.  I think it’s Daddy’s turn to watch us.  You should just take a day off and get better.”

Oh boy.  Is she really only five?  By the way, I told her that was an EXCELLENT idea.

Speaking of Hannah . . . six days ago she decided she didn’t need to take naps anymore.  She didn’t tell me, she just stopped falling asleep during her nap time.  I knew we were on borrowed time for a year or two now . . . but the sad day has come.  She just doesn’t need a mid-day nap to keep her going all day.  We’re still in the transition period where one nap is too many and no nap is not enough.  I know many of you are pulling out your invisible violins, playing an obnoxious song for me right now in honor of this milestone.

Let it be noted for all posterity . . . Hannah is a champion sleeper.  She took a nap everyday of her life until just after her fifth birthday.  As this chapter in our lives close, let’s have a moment of silence.

Oh yes, I almost forgot . . . Dallin is still a champion sleeper!  My life is not turning to to complete chaos overnight!  Let’s have another moment of silence for the moments of silence that kid gives me everyday.

Ah.  Yes.

Cheers to silence!  And sanity!


Coming To A Costco Near You!

See this soup?  It is coming to a Costco near you!  That is, of course, if you live in the Midwest!  This Cheddar Potato Soup Mix is one of the newest soups by Inn On The Creek.  I photographed this soup last month, and this is the image you will see on the box when you purchase it!

Here is the final image with all the info for the box:

This is exciting!  I sort of wish I was back in Kansas so I could pick this up at my local Costco!

Random, Random, Random

I rarely take my camera anywhere anymore.  It’s sad, but true.  Taking my camera places used to be fun, and exciting, but now that I shoot for a living, it represents work, and when I just want a little relaxation from what I do, I definitely don’t think to bring my camera.  I want to take all of my equipment, including the kitchen sink, EVERY TIME I take my camera anywhere, and let’s be honest, that is A LOT of work.  Fortunately, I have my trusty iPhone camera handy at all times that can SNAP the shot when all I want is a SNAP SHOT!

This is was taken this summer at Splash Park.  (AKA, the best FREE water splashing place near my house.)

Dallin and his train set.  He can’t help but put sand EVERYWHERE on the patio.

Hannah and her birthday tea set.

Sparklers on Hannah’s birthday.

Hannah (far left in the nude leotard) and her friends waiting for their ballet class to begin.

Dallin and his late night reading.  (MOST ADORABLE THING EVER!)

This ends my randomness for today.  Until tomorrow . . .

Provo Bridal Show 2011

You may have heard, but I am activity advertising my photography skills to brides!  I had to photograph a few weddings to see if I really liked them, and I do!  Remember how David and I used to own a wedding gown store in Dallas, Texas?  You do?  Oh good.  Then you will remember how I had a love hate relationship with it.  🙂  I really had to photograph several weddings to make sure I really wanted to jump into the industry as a wedding photographer before advertising my work.  The good news is, photographing a wedding is VERY fun, exciting, challenging, and full of love!  All great things I look for in a job!

Fortunately, David and I have done several bridal shows with different companies in the past, so we were not new to the trade show business.  I did a little research online to get some ideas of how to display my booth, and we went to work.

I got large prints made.  David made a wall.  I got a new logo, marketing pieces, business cards, etc!

This was my workshop in the garage.

This is the final set up!  Please note the wood floor that we put together, piece by piece.  It looks nice, so It was worth it, right?

Here I am working the both . . .

And now here I am taking a picture of my DAD who came to see my booth!

My dad never goes anywhere.  I’m still shocked that he flew all the way to Saba four years ago to visit us.  That was the equivalent of going to the moon.

It is official, I am his favorite child!  (Why else would he go to the moon?)

We made several good contacts and booked a wedding in Saint George!  I’m looking forward to the warm weather in St. George in December!

Look for my advertisement in Utah Valley Bride Magazine in January!  The magazine will run my ad all year!  Also, I will be doing another bridal show at the Grand America Hotel in SLC in January, so tell your engaged friends!